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Monday, September 04, 2006

Howdy...One Word...

I'm also new to this group, so I thought I'd follow LuluBunny's lead and do the One Word prompt. A warning: I don't follow directions very well. Enjoy...

Yourself: easy (as in "like Sunday morning" not "that woman on the corner.")
Your partner: amazing
Your hair: blonde
Your Mother: well-intentioned
Your Father: wonderful-wonderful (family thing)
Your Favourite Item: couch
Your dream last night: amazing (see above)
Your Favourite Drink: wine
Your Dream Home: secluded...but not remote
The Room You Are In: cluttered
Your fear: alone
Where you Want to be in Ten Years?: home
Who you hung out with last night: WonderDog
What You're Not: overly extroverted
Your Best Friend: an ass
One of Your Wish List Items: books
Your Gender: female
The Last Thing You Did: posted
What You Are Wearing: t-shirt
Your favourite weather: Texas fall--in December
Your Favourite Book?: falling apart
Last thing you ate?: um....
Your Life: slowing
Your mood: calm
The last person you talked to on the phone: Madre
Who are you thinking about right now?: The Man (the amazing one *grin*)

Comments on "Howdy...One Word..."


Blogger Diana said ... (10:06 PM) : 

Welcome, Jayne! I love that you don't follow directions very well. I always say that about the prompts: you don't have to go where you think you're expected to go! If the word "pancakes" makes you think of a story about a truck because when you were a kid... blahblahblah. You get the idea. Whatever comes out, let it loose!

Now I'm inspired to get off my butt and end this hiatus with the prompt. Expect a prompt tomorrow. :)


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