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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Stormy Petrel.

The molecule was so very alone. It moved slowly, with effort, pushing it’s way through the dark oppressive atmosphere down there.
It was disconnected from others where it should have been whole.
It was lost, but more than that, something held it there alone and isolated. Fragmented from everything, it slowly explored the dark depths.
Central to its existence was a powerful rigid force with a surface like granite but without granite’s beauty. The molecule was not allowed to move from within this being’s murky underbelly, and for a long time it never even supposed that it could. Its world was this darkness, and darkness was its world.
The molecule spent its days circling this dark wall of oppression, round and round through the layers of smog and filth, never becoming tainted by it, but not knowing any different. The stormy petrel could only fleetingly affect the molecule, but powerfully at that, and would never let on how weak and vulnerable it actually was. While the molecule slowly changed over time, its strength grew in the wake of repeated attempts to retain authority by the Darkness. And as it grew, it became lighter and spread more thinly.
Darkness became incensed and tried to regain control of the molecule over and over again, but having less impact with each attempt, until one fateful day when the molecule began to rise into the air above the smog around the base of the Darkness.
The dark power battered the molecule with everything it had, but where the molecule should have been shattered into submission, each attack stretched it and thinned its structure.
Suddenly the molecule became self aware, and knew that it held a special power all of its own.
When the final desperate blow from the Darkness came, it fell upon absolutely nothing. For the molecule had realised that it’s strongest power came with the ability to thin itself so much that it disappeared without a trace.
Soon after this revelation, and with the Darkness roaring impotently from below, the evolved molecule rose above what had been its captor for so long, and looked down upon it. The Darkness was completely hollow inside. The rigid exterior surrounded nothing of value at all but a bad smell.
The molecule rose to taste true freedom for the first time, and eventually evolved enough to merge with others and become something whole and hale.

Comments on "The Stormy Petrel."


Blogger Diana said ... (3:56 PM) : 

Gosh, you did a great job with what I think was one of the hardest prompts. I had never heard of a stormy petrel before and it fascinated me.

Thanks for sharing this!


Blogger Fluff said ... (1:47 AM) : 

Thanks Diana. It's a bit personal and something i couldnt stop thinking over so for better or worse i decided to write it out.
It's obviously one giant metaphor heh.


Blogger ell said ... (8:53 AM) : 

Very cool. Beautiful imaagery.

BTW, are you the fluff I know from somewhere else?


Blogger Fluff said ... (3:25 PM) : 

Cheers Ell!
Um i dont know if i'm that person. I did used to have a few more blogs until i took them down recently.


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