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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ripples (Other selves inspiration)

Imagine for a moment without incredulity, without judgment or prejudice. Take a deep breath, close your eyes if you will, and put your skepticism to one side. Listen to what i propose.
Our world that we know and touch, where we exist, where you now sit listening to me, is just one in a million reflections of the same world with slight ripples and distortions. Each world began as one whole, but from that fraction in time of its conception it split as each ripple changed infinitesimally.
A change as slight as the breeze shifting in a different direction; a baby newly born waited an extra minute to cry; a woman breathing in her lover's breath a moment longer.
All these lives, joined from their existence and yet all differing from each other.
They overlap and entwine each other, often mirroring events throughout them all, using experiences and reflecting infinite possibilities and outcomes across all the worlds. A spectrum of life, filling every inch of dimentional void and still expanding, always fitting, never bursting.
Occasionally the walls between the worlds become thin and stretched, reality for one world might lend itself to another.
Ever experienced a dobbleganger? Or stopped a stranger in a supermarket convinced that you knew them only to find them staring at you blankly? Ever had someone ask you if you have a twin sister? Twin brother? Must be an older sibling with a close resemblance then even though you proclaim you are an only child? They look at you with that same incredulous look you are giving me now. Because they know what they've seen, and your answer doesn't fit. So they disbelieve you, much like you are to me now.
Close your eyes.
The easiest way to see between these worlds is to look at the light. We all share the light given by the sun. Different conditions affect how we use it. Shadows moving across a window at night are brighter shadows of a different world. Shadows that scare us, are things that are scaring a different us somewhere else. But the most magical way to see is by watching strong sunlight stream through a window or door, or a beam of light through trees in a forest. The floating golden specks that play on the light, those are other people, wandering in other worlds, touching the light with their other fingers, their hair, their breath.
Other you's.
Other me's.
Some happy, sad.
Some good, evil.
And you know that feeling when you shiver all over and people call it 'someone stepped over my grave'? That's not someone stepping over it. That's you dying and sinking into it in another life.
So now open your eyes and disbelieve me.
But go away and make your little ripples in this world count.

Comments on "Ripples (Other selves inspiration)"


Blogger SL said ... (3:02 PM) : 

I relate. I understand. I...get. And maybe believe. Lovely.


Blogger Tami said ... (3:33 PM) : 

Lovely is a great word for this sl! When I first read it I didn't get the full depth of it, but after reading it a second time I really felt its meaning. Good job!


Blogger Fluff said ... (3:51 PM) : 

Awww thank you! I'm a little wet behind the ears with this.


Blogger Diana said ... (6:35 PM) : 

Yes, this is really deep. :)


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