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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Have Stayed Too Long

I've learned how dangerous feeling comfortable can be.

I found a niche, and I clicked myself into place. I belonged there; I knew it. I was doing what I have known all my life I was meant to do, and I settled in. I could handle this. I could thrive, and I did thrive. My writing got better. I buried myself into researching and composing and editing.

I had a brief period when I thought that maybe I should leave. Maybe I was ready to move on. No, I thought, This feels good. This feels safe.

Being comfortable and relaxed blinded me to what was going on. I didn't notice whispers, rumors, and groups gathering. I thought I couldn't be touched. I was wrong.

Becuase I stayed too long, they knew what else I could do. They knew I was capable of the monotonous tasks I'd done before. I could do repetitive, and I was good at that too. So the comfort was taken away from me.

Now I choke and smother on the trite. I scour for ways to release the creativity. I gag on New Age business dogma as they try to force it down my throat. I abhor the thought of making their bottom line soar. I make no difference anymore.

I have stayed too long.

Comments on "I Have Stayed Too Long"


Blogger SL said ... (12:34 AM) : 


That almost precisely describes my current situation. Enjoyed that.


Blogger Carla said ... (11:22 AM) : 

I'm sure you realize how frustrating it is then! I agonized over posting it on my blog, but I did. I have the paranoia of being dooced, but I hate censoring myself because of The Powers That Be.


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