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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The 'T'

(so I wrote something yesterday that dealt with trains, and since the topic just happend to be trains I figured I'd share a portion of it...My trip on the T.)

She was on the T by 7:07 and on her way to the courthouse. Jennifer loved the T. People watching provided her endless amounts of amusement. That early in the morning about seventy five percent of them are reading. And ninety percent of those reading are reading the Metro, a small newspaper you can purchase for a quarter every morning. Of course the big news that morning was the Steelers winning it all. And some article about a man causing some trouble at a gay bar. The paper didn't much interest her.

She focused her attention on the people. She thought it was hilarious how people sat every other seat. They'd stand before they filled in the other seats. She wonder if there was being kept out of the loop or if this was just one of those days where crazy things like this happened.

The train was eerily quiet. No conversations for her to eavesdrop on. So she amused herself with the many ads posted around. The train was reaching the Charles MGH stop. Jennifer took a moment to enjoy being above ground. The sun was just peaking over the rooftops, and she caught a glimpse of the Zakim Bridge before the train shifted and the view was taken away. The next stop was hers. She had to switch lines to the Green Line then take the train all the way to the end to Lechmere. Then from there is was a brisk walk for two blocks in the crisp morning air, to the Cambridge Courthouse.

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Blogger ell said ... (11:15 AM) : 

I liked your observation of people leaving seats between them. It IS odd how we have to make little buffer zones around us in public.


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