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Thursday, February 02, 2006


I've said this a hundred times (or at least four), but I'm going to try to jot something down here for every prompt!  Most of the time it won't be anything complete or fleshed-out, but just a snippet or two or three that came to mind when I read the prompt. 

Today's prompt about lunchtime made me think of:

  • High school lunches with the gang of boys who were my friends, my band-geek chess-club, D & D-obsessed cluster of misfit boys whom I loved with all of my heart.  And how Maria, after I fixed her up with Roy, threatened to mess with the formula which, in my opinion, had been working just fine.  (Find that section in my journal.)  I love that story about jealousy even among platonic friends and the status I felt I had as only female...

  • I also thought of elementary-school lunches with the metal lunchboxes and the thermos that always smelled like sour milk.  Once you put milk in it it was ruined forever.  You just couldn't get that smell out.

  • And...  that chicken noodle lunch my mom made for me whenever I was home sick.  That and fried egg sandwiches.  My mom is a terrible cook but I loved those "sick lunch" meals and I would then think of her being home every day while we were at school (because of course, I didn't think of this normally at all, because the world revolved around me and other kids, not moms and their mysterious lives) and I'd envision her eating like this, this feast of comfort foods, whenever she wanted...

That's all I got to today.  I hope to write more in response to tomorrow's prompt, but I really plan to at least write something for each one...

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