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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

General Comment

Sorry I haven't been posting anything here lately! I've been trying to get moving on my nanonovel from November and it's really so very rough and slapdash that it's almost like starting over.

But I wanted to point out something that I thought was neat. The last time I wrote something from a prompt ("river") I posted it here. Writing was not going smoothly for me that day and I was frustrated with what I wrote. I didn't feel that it conveyed the picture in my head very well. Well, it really didn't, but apparently it worked well enough that Rozanne got the idea of what I was going for and she commented to that effect.

I had been tinkering and tinkering with the opening segment to my novel. I wanted to show the main character as being on the outside of things, of her life, her relationships, her marriage... just a lonely onlooker in her life. And Rozanne helped me see that it was this that I was also taking a stab at with the river thing, where I described an episode of my own life where I'd felt like an outsider amongst the people around me and I decided to rework the river piece and see if it can become a beginning for my novel.

Who knows? Maybe I'll trash it all tomorrow and start again. I haven't a clue what I'm doing! But I've felt this week like I shouldn't waste time on prompt writing when I should be making progress on this novel writing and it turned out that perhaps the prompt writing and the novel writing were one and the same.

So I'll try to work in some more prompt writing. And thanks again, Rozanne, for showing me what I wrote with fresh eyes.

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