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Friday, January 27, 2006

Imagination can be a pain...

Hi guys! This is my first post. I just joined about 2 weeks ago and finally wrote something. It's a bit weird and was written during my lunch break so it definitely qualifies as a FIRST DRFAT. This isn't my typical writing style (in fact I can't remember the last time I wrote in first person) but here it is...

They were crawling up my arm and there wasn't anything I could do about it. My arms and legs were chained to the bed and about all I could manage was a little wiggle back and forth. It wasn't doing me much good. They just kept crawling, slowly inching closer. One of them slipped and their hairy legs grabbed into me. I could feel the hair scrapping along my skin, tearing tiny slashes through it. I decided right then and there to stop moving. I started screaming. No one came running. They were getting closer to my month. I knew where they were heading.

I screamed once more trying not to open my mouth wide, into this big black hole I was falling fast. I flung my hands out wildly trying to find something, anything to grab hold of. The further I fell the faster my heart beat. I was going to hit the ground any minute now and that would be the end of me. I could see the ground, I could almost reach out and touch it, yet I wasn't hitting it.

Suddenly there was a 'ker-splat'. I jumped back from the window and stared at the disgusting, globby mess dripping down the window. Not much was left of the abnormally sized bug, but what was still intact was moving, jerking haphazardly, the nerves still reacting to the pain of slamming into my window. A window that I'd now have to clean. I grabbed a cloth and some window cleaner and ventured out into the porch roof, just below my window.

I balanced on toes, swaying back and forth. The wind howled around me. The rain beat against me, stinging the skin like a hive of attacking bees. I was losing my balance. I couldn't fight the wind. I couldn't fight the rain. I jumped.

I landed on my bed, confused and disoriented. My heart was pattering faster than the rain pounding on the roof. My arms tingled with the strange sensation of spiders crawling up it. And I had this sudden urge to clean. That's when it hit me: some times it was a real pain having an imagination.

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Blogger Diana said ... (10:29 PM) : 

Ack! I could feel this. :/

Great to see you here, Jennifer!


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