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Monday, December 05, 2005


Write a story about a lie:

This time when he looked at her she saw it differently. Gave her a weird feeling, almost creepy. For years she'd known him as Lori's husband, the father of Kylie, who was a school friend of her daughter's. Kylie and Toni had been friends since first grade, six years ago. Kylie's mother, Lori, was completely the opposite from her. She was large and brassy. She seemed to not notice that she was overweight and wore short-short skirts. She bleached hre hair and wore too much makeup. She and Karen would never have been friends if their daughters weren't.

But Karen had grown to like Lori. She enjoyed her over-the-top enthusiasm and her tendency to say exactly what was on her mind. As she did the day she blurted out that her husband wasn't really Kylie's father at all. Nor her husband any longer. Karen had stared uncomprehendingly at her. For years she'd seen the two of them at school plays, soccer games, all over town. They'd seemed to be a happy couple.

But as Lori'd explained, "Mike never could keep it in his pants. All the time we were married he was sneaking out, staying out all night, lying to me. He was so bad that his own family was telling me to divorce him! So I finally did." Karen didn't try to figure out why they'd been living in the same house for as long as she'd known them; she'd think about it later. Because Lori wasn't done with the story. "And then I was so lonely and unhappy - Karen, it was hell to be with this man who didn't love me for so long. We're great friends, always have been, but he always wanted other women more than he wanted me. So then I met this man at the bank where I was eorking and..."

Karen tried to look casual, as if this wasn't shocking. She looked over at Kylie and Toni where they were eating popcorn from a bowl on the counter and giggling loudly. She blushed when she remembered how many times she'd said that Kylie looked so much like Mike.

"So, Mike knew all along?" she finally ventured.

"Yes, he knew. I guess he knew that he could hardly play the victim after all the women he'd been with. he agreed to raise Kylie as ours, together."

"And this other man, the real father - " Karen said, hesitating.

Lori sighed drmaatically. "He said that if he couldn't have all of me and the baby, he didn't want nothing to do with with either of us. It'd be too painful." Lori looked soberly down at the floor.

"And he still lives here? In town?"

"Yeah. Last I heard. I haven't seen him since we broke up, right after I told him that I was pregnant."

Karen was trying to absorb all of this, but she'd have to think more about it later. Why didn't she break off her marriage to be with the father, if they loved each other as much as she said they did? And why would Mike agree to raise this child as his own?

"And Kylie didn't know about any of this until recently?" Karen asked. That was what had brought the whole issue to the front; Kylie had loudly and with great flourish announced that she hated Mike and he wasn't even her real father and so she didn't have to do what he said.

"No, we'd agreed to never tell her," Lori said sadly. "She was never supposed to know. I could just kill that Mike for getting ugly about this. He didn't mind raising her as his own at all - he LOVES Kylie! As far as he's concerned, she is his daughter. Until we decided to finalize the divorce and child support payments came up."

And it was since they'd started official divorce proceedings that Mike had started to drastically change. He started to dye his hair. He was often wearing a leather jacket. And the last several times that Karen had seen him, when he'd be picking Kylie up from her house or shed run into him around town, his eyes had lingered on her. Now that she knew what a womanizer he'd always been, he seemed like a different person. She'd be talking to Kylie as she stood next to Mike and although she never stopped looking at Kylie as she spoke, she'd feel his eyes on her. Why all of a sudden? She'd known him for years. And Karen was happily married, besides. Why was he suddenly leering at her?

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